Performers at the 2012 Grammy Awards, including Adele and Bruno Mars have seen their albums and singles rocket back up the charts as a result of Sunday's show - watched by a report 38 million worldwide. In a similar trend to last year, when Mumford And Sons crashed the charts after performing with Bob Dylan, this year has seen artists reaping the rewards of performing live.
According to the Los Angeles Times, early indications from iTunes and show bumper sales for the likes of Adele and Mars, but also for lesser known acts like the CIVIL WARS and Bon Iver. The latter surprised everyone by taking the Best New Artist award ahead of big-favorite Nicki Minaj - not least because the group released their debut album back in 2007. Duo the Civil Wars had only 60 seconds of air-time at the Grammys, but their debut record 'Barton Hollow' was the No. 5 bestselling album, on iTunes and No. 15 on Amazon as of Monday morning. Considering both charts are now awash with Whitney Houston records, it would appear bands such as the Civil Wars have now reached a huge audience. Their manager Nate Yetton said, "The Grammy Awards show's broad, mainstream audience is a perfect next step for the Civil Wars' gradual incline of awareness and appeal.As an early indicator, the band's website went from an average of 2,000 to 3,000 hits per day, to over 20,000 hits immediately following their Grammy performance".
Other Grammy-involved acts to find themselves in the Top 10 on iTunes and Amazon include Bruno Mars with 'Doo-Wops and Hooligans' and Lady Antebellum's 'Own the Night'.