Original BATMAN star Adam West hates big-budget remakes of the comic-inspired series because he thinks modern Batman actors like Christian Bale and George Clooney fail to communicate the irony of the caped-crusader's adventures.

West loved playing the superhero and was especially amused by his former character's efforts to be inconspicuous in covert situations - despite sporting a mask, tights and flap-away cloak.

West, who played the Caped Crusader between 1966 and 1968, never failed to see the absurdity in the scenes during his stint on the cult series.

He says, "Batman was comedy, let's face it.

"What I loved about Batman was his total lack of awareness when it came to his interaction with the outside world.

"In the first episode, Batman goes into a nightclub in the cowl, cape and bat gloves.

"When the maitre d' says, 'Ringside table, Batman?' He replies, 'No thank you - I'll stand at the bar. I would not wish to be conspicuous."