Director Adam Shankman was forced to cut a saucy lapdance scene between Julianne Hough and Tom Cruise from the Rock Of Ages movie after female audience members reacted negatively to it during test screenings.
Hough portrays aspiring singer Sherrie Christian in the film, and one take required the blonde beauty to grind up against Cruise as ageing rock star Stacee Jaxx.
But the scene appeared to turn off viewers during promo screenings and Shankman decided to axe the clip due to its "steamy" nature.
During an interview on Live! With Kelly on Wednesday (06Jun12), Hough revealed, "I like to call it a musical lapdance where we're singing and dancing. It got cut 'cause apparently mothers didn't like Sherrie Christian after that... It was a little too hot and sexy and steamy."
But Hough is not upset by the editing decision, because she will always be able to boast about her sexy superstar encounter: "I'll always have that in my back pocket, that I gave Tom Cruise a lapdance."
However, fans of Hough won't miss out completely - they will be able to catch the scene in question on the director's cut of the Dvd release.
The lapdance wasn't the only big scene of Hough's left on the cutting room floor - a rushed shoot on the Hollywood sign that left her dazed and bruised was also bumped from the final edit.