Comedian Adam Sandler has backed a campaign to halt the closure of a Malibu, California, chicken store - a favourite of such stars as Meg Ryan, Pierce Brosnan and Barbra Streisand.

After eight years in the business, small surf eatery MALIBU CHICKEN - which also caters to Sylvester Stallone, Dennis Quaid and JIM CAREY - may have to close as early as the summer (04) because the lease is up and CHABAD, the Jewish organisation which owns the building, wants them out.

A petition drive has been started to save Malibu Chicken, and nearly 2,000 people, including Sandler, have signed it.

Malibu Chicken boss SHARON CAPLES tells American TV show CELEBRITY Justice, "Adam Sandler comes in low key with sunglasses on. We all know who he is because he's a regular here."

Just last weekend (15/16MAY04), Sharon served Jermaine Dupri while his fiancee Janet Jackson waited in the car. He also signed the petition on the way out.

Caples is upset because she believes Chabad wants to move in and open its own chicken place - taking her customers with them.

The head Rabbi at Chabad has yet to comment on the situation.

24/05/2004 02:13