Comedian Adam Sandler struggled to understand the plot behind Al Pacino's Broadway production of The Merchant Of Venice, and had to use his cell phone to look up the meanings behind the Shakespearean language.
The Big Daddy star headed to the theatre last week (begs07Feb11) to check out the critically acclaimed New York play, but admits he was left baffled by much of the rich text used by The Bard.
Sandler turned to his smart phone to Google the lines he couldn't make sense of - but his actions didn't sit well with a nearby usher.
He says, "I saw Al Pacino in Merchant of Venice on Broadway. But the usher yelled at me several times, kept saying, 'No texting! Sir, no texting.' But I wasn't texting, I was just Googling everything he (Pacino) was saying, like, 'what does that word mean?'"