Adam Sandler is jealous of his movie co-star Don Cheadle, because the CRASH actor beats him at everything. The pair worked together on a 9/11 drama - the title of which is yet to be confirmed - with Sandler starring as a man grieving his family who died in the disaster, while rekindling his relationship with an old college roommate. Sandler tells, "We've shot that, me and Don Cheadle. I don't know if it's going to be called EMPTY CITY or REIGN O'ER ME." The latter was the title of the original script, and refers to a song by veteran British rockers The Who, whose music features prominently in the movie. Sandler continues, "The great Who song Love, Reign O'er Me has a big part in the movie. It's a heavy, heavy-duty movie. "It's about two guys. My character lost his family - they were on one of the airplanes that flew into the World Trade Center - so it's about life after 9/11 for this guy and how he's dealing and coping." Sandler and Cheadle's characters share a love of rock music, which is where Cheadle's extensive talents made Sandler feel inferior. He adds, "I play drums in it, and he plays guitar, and we have a little jam sesh (session) in there. He plays the bass great - he's ridiculous. "He's a stud. I love him as a guy - he's great at everything. Great actor, great golfer, great drummer. Everything I did, he was like, 'Oh, I can do that.'"