Comedian Adam Sandler was thrilled by the birth of his first child - and insists God timed the birth to coincide with fellow Hollywood dads Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Sandler's daughter SADIE MADISON was born six weeks ago (MAY06), tying in with other Hollywood newborns including Pitt's baby with Angelina Jolie: SHILOH NOUVEL, Cruise's daughter with fiancee Katie Holmes: baby SURI. He explains, "It's just weird that out of nowhere God said, "May the three best-looking guys in Hollywood to have babies! Cruise, Pitt and me. "It was bizarre that God said, "I want to make the planet more beautiful and I got the call..." But the SPANGLISH star admits he was unsure how to celebrate his very first father's day on Sunday (18JUNE06), and decided to follow his own father's example. He adds, "I figured I'd do what my father always did. I put a pair of black socks and underwear on and just yelled at people."