Movie funnyman Adam Sandler was so nervous when he was summoned to meet Dustin Hoffman for a family dinner, he spent 45 minutes driving around the block trying to relax.

Hoffman invited the HAPPY GILMORE star to his home after his kids begged him to arrange a meeting with their hero.

THE GRADUATE star recalls, "Adam Sandler is the only actor I ever called up to meet out of the blue. It wasn't for me but for my kids. They kept talking about him. They'd never asked if we could meet anybody, but they wanted to meet him.

"He was shocked. He was an hour late to the house and later admitted he was so nervous that he went around the block for 45 minutes. He couldn't even talk.

"He's a great basketball player. He played with my kids. I told him that I loved Punch Drunk Love, that it was one of the best performances of the year (03). He's a lovely man."

15/11/2004 02:05