Things are not looking good for Adam Sandler. Once the go-to guy for mainstream but quirky comedy, his career seems to have taken a tumble and the recovery process appears to be a slow one. Following his embarrassment at this year's Razzies (Sandler took home every single one of the 'worst movie' awards, mainly for his cinematic flop Jack and Jill) His latest movie 'That's My Boy' has scored a paltry 33% on the Rotten Tomatoes review site. His co-star Andy Samberg may have said that working with Sandler was like a dream come true but for the critics, watching the film really hasn't been.

'That's My Boy' tells the tale of a teenager who fathers a child but has nothing to do with him throughout his childhood and turns up out of the blue on the child's wedding day. Writing for TIME Magazine, Mary F. Pois admits that the movie is "A thousand times better and funnier than Jack and Jill, Sandler's last movie," but declared that it "still falls short of actually being good." David De Witt, for the New York Times was marginally kinder. but only marginally: "Mr. Sandler manages a frame or so of genuine sentiment, and the caricature is so ugly it's cute. He's a performer, and there are moments when audiences will surrender to his shtick. Moments."

USA Today's Claudia Puig was damning in her response to the lightweight comedy, describing it as "another bottom-of-the-barrel raunchfest that is bound to make far more money than such sludge could ever deserve." Sandler, it seems, still has a long way to go before the memories of Jack and Jill can be erased.