MAROON 5 star Adam Levine aided his reported love rival Nick Lachey's post-marriage recovery by confronting him with the truth at a Los Angeles bar. Lachey chose not to address rumours his wife Jessica Simpson has been unfaithful when stories about her romancing Levine and JACKASS stars Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville hit publications last year (05). But when she went public with the couple's split in November (05), Lachey admits he did wonder whether there was any truth in the reports. Now, pouring his heart out in a new Rolling Stone interview, Lachey reveals Levine did track him down at a party to make sure the two singers were cool with each other. Lachey recalls, "He came over to me to clear the air. It was a two minute conversation. "He said to me, 'Nothing happened while you guys were married.' He looked me in the eyes and said that, so I chose to believe him. Maybe it's naive of me." But Lachey insists he'd still consider taking his estranged wife back - even if the infidelity rumours are true. He adds, "Even if she cheated five times over, I still love her. Love is not the easiest thing to cut off."