Adam Levine's ''whole life has been a bachelor party'', says Carson Daly.

The Maroon 5 singer is engaged to model Behati Prinsloo, but his friend has suggested he won't be having one last wild night before his wedding because it's time for him to ''settle down''.

Carson told E! News: ''If there was a bachelor party for Adam, it would be the most - I mean, no one would know about it.

''There'll be two people, me and Adam, we'll be the only two people there.

''No, Adam's lived the life of a bachelor party. It'll never happen. His whole life has been a bachelor party, and now he's gonna settle down. He's good.''

Meanwhile Blake Shelton - Adam's friend and Carson's fellow judge on 'The Voice' USA - agreed there would be little point in him having a bachelor party after how he's lived his life so far.

He added: ''Carson's right. What can Adam do at a bachelor party that he hasn't already done for the first 30 years of his existence?

''What's he gonna have there? Strippers? Models? He's had that for years now. He's a rock star.''