Maroon 5 star Adam Levine was left reeling after tackling Justin Bieber on the basketball court - because the teenager is nasty and competitive.
The This Love singer and Maroon 5 keyboard player PJ Morton were invited to join Bieber and his crew for a pick-up game in Australia - and Levine admits he had no idea it would be so brutal.
He recalls, "We were all in Australia and they, like, play basketball on tour and our keyboard player knows his tour manager and we all played basketball at, like, 10 at night - they rented out some gym.
"He (Bieber) talks so much s**t, like really angry... It's insane. He's a child!
"He really is a nice kid and we were playing basketball and I felt this, like, really intense shove in my back... No one does that, especially when the ball is dead... He pushed me really hard in the back. I was like, 'Did Justin Bieber just punk me...?'
"I got kinda mad... and I whipped the ball at him as fast as I could. I hit him in the back... and everything was fine after that. Then I felt bad because I struck a child with a basketball."