Adam Levine would support his kids' dreams to become singers - only if they're at least teenagers.

The Maroon 5 frontman - who has Dusty, 19 months, and Gio, two months, with his wife Behati Prinsloo - doesn't ''fully support'' the idea of children chasing their showbiz dreams at a really young age.

Asked if he'd ever judge The Voice Kids, he said: ''I don't know if I fully support the idea of having little kids be on TV singing. I never have. I think you should get to grow up a little bit, a little bit. I'm talking like a little bit before teens.''

Adam doesn't want to be too ''overprotective'' of his kids so would want them to wait until they're 12-years-old or so.

He added to Entertainment Tonight: ''Always encourage people's, your kids', passions maybe just not throw them on TV the first chance you get ... I don't want to be overprotective. I think maybe not literally, like, 6. That's kind of where I'm thinking, where I draw the line. Maybe like 12 first.''

When Dusty was born, Adam admitted he is finding parenting a ''beautiful experience''.

He said: ''I've been a parent for three weeks; what do I know? I don't know anything, but it's kind of part of the beauty of it, honestly. There are a lot of instincts, a lot of things that kind of kick in and switch on. It's a beautiful experience.''

Adam and Behati are parenting on their own instinct and not paying too much attention to the advice they were offered.

He shared: ''When you are doing this for the first time, everybody loves to tell you what you should be doing. So, we're kind of tuning a lot of it out and we're just going to do it how we do it ... I'm ready to be a dad. You're born to be a parent, that's what we're here for, really. All the other s*** is great, but it's not what we're here for.''