Adam Lambert would ''love to come back'' to 'American Idol.

The 35-year-old singer - who shot to fame as the runner-up on season eight of the talent contest - insists he hasn't been approached for a judging role on the upcoming reboot of the show, but he is open to being involved in some capacity.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''No, they haven't reached out to me.

''I did Australia's 'X Factor' last year and I had so much fun. I had a blast, I mean, the thing that I liked about that a lot was that I was able to both be a judge and a mentor, which I was very thankful for.

''It's one thing to criticise somebody after they've worked, but it's another thing to get in there and help them be the best.

''When ['American Idol'] was on Fox I was there every season.

''I would come on and do something and I owe the show great debt of gratitude. I love the show. I think it's great. I would love to come back and pop in.''

Adam also had advice for aspiring singers out to find success on the show, urging them to make sure they ''stand out'' - but without ''challenging'' the judges by being too extreme.

He said: ''You gotta find something that makes you stand out from the pack a bit.

''What makes you different than everybody else? What's your angle? What's your lane? I mean, that's the music industry in general.

''And also find something that isn't too complicated or challenging for the judges, especially right away. You have to help them understand who you could be on the show.''

The 'If I Had You' hitmaker thinks producers have made the right choice in signing Katy Perry up as a judge.

He said: ''I think she'll be great, she has a long history with the show too.''