Adam Lambert performed a three-song tribute to George Michael at a charity show.

The 35-year-old singer praised the late star - who died on Christmas Day (25.12.16) last year aged 53 - as having a ''God-gifted voice from the heavens'' while performing at the Project Angel Food's 27th annual Angel Awards Gala, a charity George donated $25,000 a year to since 1993, in Los Angeles.

Speaking at the event, Adam said: ''George Michael was a God-gifted voice from the heavens.

''And he raised half a million dollars for this organisation.''

Adam performed George's hits 'Faith' and 'One More Try' as well as Queen song 'Somebody to Love', which the late singer sang with the band on 20 April 1992 during The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert following the frontman's passing.

Speaking to the crowd on Saturday night (19.08.17), the 'Ghost Town' hitmaker - who is currently on a world tour with Queen - said: ''Now, I know my way around a couple of Queen songs.

''Actually, round circle here, is that he recorded this song for the Freddie Mercury tribute in 1991, after Freddie had passed, and the song became a huge hit, so I'm going to connect the circle and we're going to do ''Somebody to Love'.''

During the event, George was posthumously awarded the Elizabeth Taylor Leadership Award for his work as a Project Angel Food benefactor.

The charity delivers meals to people who are critically ill.

More than 470 people were in attendance at the event after they forked out between $500 and $2,500 for a ticket.