Adam Lambert met his boyfriend on Instagram.

The 37-year-old singer has been romancing Javi Costa Polo for several months and though he and the Spanish model felt an ''instant'' connection when they made contact through the photo-sharing app, the 'If I Had You' hitmaker wanted to take things slowly.

He said: ''We met on Instagram.''

Asked by RuPaul if he's scared of meeting ''freaks'' on the site, he replied: ''I love meeting freaks on Instagram.

''I think after this much time I'm a pretty good judge of character. Every once in a while I screw up but I'm cautious.

''We were texting for a while, then we went on a proper date and it was lovely. It was just a good vibe right from jump and it felt instant!''

Adam made his relationship with Javi official on Instagram in March, a month after the pair were seated together at the Oscars, and he admitted he doesn't see the point in trying to keep his personal life hidden.

Speaking on 'The RuPaul Show', he said: ''We're in the social media age, everything is bound to be out and the more you keep a secret, the more salacious it is when it came out so I wanted to say this is my boo, we're in love, we're happy, thanks, and that's that.''

And the former 'American Idol' star - who previously dated Sauli Koskinen - admitted he chose 'New Eyes' as the lead single from his upcoming album 'Velvet' because of his relationship.

He said: ''I have a new boo and that's why I chose this as my first single. There's lots of different vibes on this album, more uptempo, some bangers, but this guy makes me feel romantic and I wanted to sing a pretty song about love.