The openly gay singers are alleged to have been secretly hooking up for weeks, but 34-year-old Adam insists the hearsay couldn't be further from the truth.

"We bumped into each other at a club in New York a couple of weeks ago and had few drinks with our friends," he recalled during an interview with U.S. radio DJ Ryan Seacrest. "We're laughing and taking pictures and all of a sudden... who knows what!"

Adam posted a photo of himself and Sam striking a pose on Instagram last week (ends11Mar16), and although the stars may have appeared sexy and seductive in the 'selfie', with the Brit resting his chin on the Queen singer's shoulder, Lambert insists the pair wasn't trying to make a relationship statement.

"He texted me and we were laughing so hard; we were like, what the hell!" Adam said of Sam's reaction when they first learned of the dating gossip. "I love the rumour mill!"

Many of the tunes on British singer Sam's Grammy Award-winning debut album, In the Lonely Hour, contain sentimental lyrics about heartache and other subjects related to romance, but in a recent interview, the 23-year-old made it clear he isn't keen on entering into a serious relationship with anyone else anytime soon.

"Before, I'd think I'd want it to be more romantic, but I just want to hang out now," he told Entertainment Tonight. "(It's difficult because) you maybe don't know people's intentions... At the same time I have never had a boyfriend in my life. So I don't know any different. So that's kind of a blessing I guess."