ADAM 'DJ AM' GOLDSTEIN is planning to tell all about the ups and downs of fame in a new book - but insists he won't begin working on his memoir until his career is almost over.
The celebrity DJ, who has enjoyed romances with socialite Nicole Richie and singer/actress Mandy Moore, has previously battled substance abuse and almost lost his life in a tragic plane crash with pal Travis Barker last September (08).
And he wants to detail his life story in an autobiography - although he admits the tome is a few years away yet.
He tells, "I will definitely be writing a book. I'll work on it when I see the ending in sight. That may be a long time from now, but it will happen."
Goldstein and Barker narrowly escaped with their lives last year (08) when a private jet ferrying them back to Los Angeles after a concert crashed on take-off in South Carolina and burst into flames.
Two associates and the two-man pilot crew onboard were killed in the tragedy, which left both Goldstein and Barker with severe burns all over their bodies.