Actor Adam Goldberg avoided telling friends about his girlfriend's pregnancy for as long as possible because they suffered a stillbirth once before.

The Fargo actor's girlfriend Roxanne Daner was seen with a large baby bump on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards in August (14) and Goldberg reveals they had been keeping their news a secret for months because of a tragedy they suffered in 2013.

The 44 year old tells comedian Marc Maron during his Wtf podcast, "My girlfriend Roxanne is pregnant... We weren't going to tell anybody - I mean it's obvious. She's gigantic. But we weren't going to tell anyone unless you ran into her.

"I haven't said this. I haven't talked about this at all. My girlfriend - we've been together for several years - we had a stillborn child about a year and a half ago. I've talked about it but not really in a public fashion. Totally awful, especially because I had been ambivalent of having children... It was four days after the due date... It was horrifying and it was also my worst fear."