The cast and crew of upcoming comedy This Is Where I Leave You had to agree to work every weekend during filming so Girls star Adam Driver could fit the shoot around his work on the Tv show.

The upcoming comedy features big names including Jason Bateman, Tina Fey and Jane Fonda, and they all had to agree to give up their Saturdays and Sundays during filming so Driver could be included in the movie.

Fonda reveals director Shawn Levy struck the deal with his workers because he was so keen to have Driver onboard.

In a post on her online blog, she writes, "Adam Driver... Maybe you've seen him on Girls and thus already understand how original and uniquely gifted he is. Our director, Shawn Levy, wanted Adam so much we all had to agree to work on weekends with Thursdays and Fridays off to accommodate Adam's schedule on Girls."

She adds of Driver, "It was such a pleasure to watch him work and talk to him, though he is quite shy (which you'd never know from his acting)."