Adam Driver panicked when he was pulled over by the cops - only to find out it was because they wanted a picture.

The 34-year-old actor - who stars as Kylo Ren in 'Star Wars' - has recalled how he was cycling down the road one day when he was flagged down by police. Panicking, he wondered what they stopped him, until they asked if they could post for a selfie with him.

Asked if he was warned how appearing in 'Star Wars' would change his life, he said: ''I don't think anyone said that, and I wouldn't have listened to them, anyway. As a person, I'm the same. The problems I had before 'Force Awakens', it didn't solve any of them.

''For me, the only noticeable difference is your visibility as a person. Loss of anonymity is a big thing. I didn't realise how I would see that in a billion little ways ... I thought, 'I'll ride my bike around the city' and within two seconds I got pulled over by the cops, who said, 'Hey, can we take a picture?' I mean, I also ran a red light, so it was fair.''

And Adam insists his goal as an actor is not to be wealthy and famous as people might expect.

He added to The Guardian magazine: ''I know people think that if you're an actor, it's your goal to be famous and wealthy. Surely you want to be famous and wealthy! And there are great things about that part of it - it frees you up to do other things. But part of my job is being anonymous and I think being able to live, to observe more than to be observed, is important.

''[Being famous] seems counterintuitive to my job. It's a weird dynamic when you walk into a room and there's an image people project on to you. My problems compared with global issues, or anybody else's, are very small. Even that I have time in my day to think about the existential.''