Adam Driver feels ''weird'' being on a film set.

The 32-year-old American actor has admitted he feels strange shooting scenes for a new movie because he feels he enters into a ''bubble of time'', which is unlike ''normal life'', and when he stops filming he falls into a ''blues period'' and struggles to adapt to ''real life'' again.

Speaking about the film industry, the dark-haired hunk said: ''Being in a film set is weird, because you're in a kind of bubble of time where it's not like normal life.

''You wake up and somebody is getting you food. You've memorised lines alone in your room, now you're doing it in front of people. It's all day long, 12 hours a day, and you go to sleep and you wake up and you go back to work. In a sense you are very disconnected with what is going on in the world at large, but within that kind of world you've created, every second seems to be accounted for.

''Then you get back into the real world and none of those things or people are around. And you know they'll never get together again. Everyone is together, for that one moment in time, and then you have to move in. There's always a blues period afterwards, where that excitement and adrenaline level is down, and then everyone moves on to something else.''

Despite feeling a sense of loss after finishing a film, the 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' star - who plays Kylo Ren in the fantasy film - doesn't watch the movies he's starred in because he was in a ''different time'' when it was produced and he doesn't want to see how the editing has changed the final outcome.

Adam - who is married to Joanne Tucker - explained to Shortlist magazine: ''I also try not to watch anything that I'm in, because it was such a different time when we made it.

''I try not have any control over what happens to it afterwards.

''Watching it, sometimes it's so different to what I had in mind, and I see things I want to change, but you can't.

''I think about it for a couple of months afterwards and then I won't watch anything for the next couple of years.''