Police have launched an investigation after thieves broke into actor Adam DeVine's Los Angeles home.

The Pitch Perfect star's house was ransacked over the weekend (28Feb-01Mar15), and the burglars stole items including his new car and a vintage pistol which was a gift from his parents.

DeVine subsequently took to Instagram.com to vent his fury in an expletive-filled rant.

The post reads, "Hey people that broke into my house this weekend. F**k you. I hope you smash my Truck into a light pole. I don't want you to die but I do want you to bleed from your ears. Luckily it's just stuff and no one was hurt but it just sucks that I work so hard to buy cool stuff and you just steal it because you have no ambition and are too stupid to earn enough money to buy nice things. F**k you you f**king piece of human s**t."