Adam Deacon ''never thought'' he'd win a BAFTA Award.

The 'Payback Season' actor was stunned when he scooped the BAFTA Rising Star accolade earlier this year and though he has always been confident with his work, he was still shocked to get the coveted prize, which is awarded to emerging acting talent.

He said: ''It was mad. I never thought that would happen if I'm being honest.

''A lot of other stuff in my career I wasn't really shocked that I had done really well. With my film 'Anuvahood', not to sound arrogant with it, but I always knew that if I could make it exactly how I wanted to make it, there would be a good chance that people would come out and support it.

''Something like the BAFTA I didn't see it coming. It really threw me a lot, I always felt that there was a massive connection between me and the people out there but I didn't always feel that from the industry and I just think that that was just a nice kind of pat on the back. It felt amazing.''

Adam shot to fame after appearing in 2006 movie 'Kidulthood' and admits the period following its release was ''surreal'' because The Cult classic became so big so quickly.

He added to BANG Showbiz: ''It was quite a surreal period. When we made 'Kidulthood', firstly I didn't even think it would get released in the cinema, we thought it would be one of those films that go straight to DVD.

''Before that we weren't getting recognised all the time, it was kind of an overnight thing It was weird, it felt massive.''

'Payback Season' is out now on DVD and Blu-ray through Revolver Entertainment.