Adam Deacon, winner of the BaftAs Rising Star Award has lofty ambitions, which lead all the way up to the Prime Minister, with the star insisting that he'd like to sit down with David Cameron and talk about the issues affecting young people in the UK.
"David Cameron and I met up in 2006 when there was the whole Hug A Hoodie business," he told the UK's Daily Star newspaper, adding "But I felt it was just a big photo opportunity. I don't think he is listening to young people and I think he should. I'm up for having a meeting with him and talking to him about what he can do. Talk to me, man!"
Deacon, who won the award for his work in the comedy film 'Anuvahood,' continued, "It's all good him talking to his MPs but he needs to talk to young people." Deacon also revealed that he had starting making his own path towards actively helping others; "I've just become an ambassador for The Prince's Trust, which was a personal request of Prince Charles. I met him and we spoke for half an hour and it was so surreal. I don't want to be one of those celebrities who go there for the photo opportunities. I actually want to get involved in a couple of charities and get the money where it should be. I think the Prince's Trust is doing amazing work and I am so happy to be a part of that."