The Irish group has announced plans to perform the album in its entirety to mark The Joshua Tree's 30th anniversary, and the bassist is glad he gets another chance to play the tracks after his miserable experiences on the road three decades ago.

"Certainly looking back on playing the tour at that time, it should have been an extraordinarily, freeing, joyful opportunity," Clayton told Rolling Stone magazine, "but it was actually quite a tough time trying to deliver those songs under the pressure of growing from an arena act to a stadium act. I, for one, don’t remember enjoying it very much."

And he's looking forward to "breathing new life' into the 30-year-old songs on tour.

"I think anyone that’s coming to that show clearly knows that record well," he added. "What we would need to figure out is whether that’s a suite of songs (and), with our new knowledge of 30 years hence, we could breathe life into them in a different way, or whether we kind of bundle them together with some other songs that are thematically in keeping with those... We haven’t quite figured out how it’ll happen, but it will happen and we always toy around and experiment until it feels right."