MR + MRS SMITH star Adam Brody has beaten Justin Long to the role of THE FLASH in the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, according to new Internet reports. A source close to the set of the movie tells website that Brody has landed the superhero part, while multiple insiders claim rapper Common will play John Stewart/The Green Lantern in the film. The site also claims that stories connecting actress Teresa Palmer to the part of Wonder Woman in the movie are not true; instead she has been cast as Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra's al Ghul. The website reveals, "Actors have been sworn to secrecy and have been warned not to reveal their involvement even to their closest friends and relatives. "One studio source, who has been asked not to be mentioned by name, told the IESB that several actors that starting talking early on were warned by the production that they could lose the role if they revealed their character or even the fact that they had been cast."