Veteran pop star Adam Ant has vowed to launch a global campaign against anti-depressants to rid the world of the drugs he blames for leaving him in "purgatory".
The Prince Charming hitmaker has suffered years of mental health problems and has undergone several stints of psychiatric treatment including courses of medication.
The British singer, who is embarking on a comeback tour, has now spoken out about the "serious problems" caused by the use of anti-depressant drugs, blaming them for stifling his creativity for seven years and "killing the spirit".
And he's determined to launch a worldwide campaign to encourage leading health officials to re-think the way mental illness is treated.
In an interview with, he says, "I feel there is a very, very serious problem in this country, or any country, with anti-depressants, and it affects everybody and it surrounds itself by being (sic) taboo and by being a sense of guilt and by governments just kind of like phoning it in and giving people very, very strong mind-altering drugs, prescribed because they don't kill you but they certainly kill the spirit and they kill your mentality.
"So it's my duty, when the time's right, after I have finished doing what I do... to address that. But I don't want to address it with people who can't change it so therefore we have got to do it with politicians... (to end the) purgatory, worse than hell, that is happening right now, as we speak - it's happening and I've experienced it and it's wrong."