Eighties pop star Adam Ant is waging war on the digital age, insisting the internet is turning the human race into computer-obsessed "geeks".
The Stand and Deliver hitmaker is planning to release his first album for 16 years in 2011 and he is determined not to make it available for downloading online.
The singer - real name Stuart Goddard - is also urging fans to shun iPods in favour of more "traditional" ways of listening to music, because he's convinced the internet isn't cool.
He tells Music-News.com, "I am deliberately being provocative by saying I won't do downloads. This record isn't for earplugs and a mobile phone. I don't care about that.
"If you haven't got a stereo, I think if you have got kids you owe it to them to play them a vinyl disc in their lifetime because once they hear that and they get into it they will, I think, never get over that experience. It's such a wonderful experience.
"The traditional is definitely coming back. And I don't like the people that invented the internet. I think if you look at them they are geeks and they love it. They want us all to be Trekkies (Star Trek fans), and I think the Trekkie mentality is just abhorrent and it encourages children to sit in a room, not move, look at a screen and get fat, and that's exactly what's happening and nobody cares. I do. I've got a daughter, so I don't want that. I don't want her to be looking at an iPad, I want her to go to the library, get a book, order it, take it home, read it, cherish it, take it back. And that's tradition. (It's the) same with music. I want real records, real people. Plug in and play it."