Adam Adamson is considering staying on to direct the sequel to The Lion, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE - because he has fallen in love with the characters.

A screen adaptation of Prince Caspian, the second C S LEWIS book in THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA series, has been written, but Adamson tells Empire magazine he has no room to contemplate another movie just yet.

He says, "I avoid that question at the moment because it's overwhelming.

"I have to finish this one and imagining making any other movie right now is just like, 'What are you crazy!?'

"But you know I said I wouldn't do Shrek 2 as well. It's hard not to return. You tend to fall in love with the characters and the story, and in this case with the kids, who I feel a responsibility to.

"It's hard to imagine letting anyone else do it."