The future of the immensely successful STAR TREK series of films has been resolved after a serious legal spat threatened to shelve any more intergalactic adventures.

Brand owner VIACOM and computer games firm Activision have been locked in a legal battle since Activision launched a lawsuit against the film company, accusing them of letting the franchise "stagnate".

Viacom has hit back denying Activision's claims, and confirming there will certainly be more cinematic outings for the hugely popular inter-stellar crusaders.

Activision recently announced it was pulling out of an agreement to produce games to tie in with the franchise. It said, "Through its actions and inactions, Viacom has let the once-proud Star Trek franchise stagnate and decay. Viacom also has allowed the Star Trek television series to go off the air, and the remaining series suffers from weak ratings."

Activision filed a lawsuit for breach of contract on 30 June (03).

Viacom replied the following day, saying, "Viacom is disappointed by Activision's filing of a lawsuit yesterday in light of the fruitful collaboration the parties have enjoyed for the last nearly five years. During their collaboration Activision has produced 14 Star Trek themed products.

"We have every intention of continuing the movie franchise."

29/08/2003 13:24