The Hollywood version of cult novel PROZAC NATION has had its release date put back again - damaging its OSCAR chances and infuriating star CHRISTINA RICCI.

The film - a pet project of the Sleepy Hollow actress - started filming in May 2000, but has had its release date postponed a number of times following the September 11 (01) atrocities.

Now the flick's release has been pushed back to April (04), way after the cut-off point for next year's (04) Academy Awards.

Christina is reported to be "very annoyed" about the developments, especially considering the buzz around the female performances in the film.

A source says, "It has Christina, Jessica Lange and Michelle Williams giving some of the best performances of their careers."

Prozac Nation tells the story of a young woman - played by Christina - and her fight with depression during her first year at HARVARD UNIVERSITY.

08/07/2003 17:05