BILLY ELLIOT star JAMIE BELL struggles to juggle his life between making movies and studying at school - because they're worlds apart.

The DEATHWATCH actor, 17, was the subject of intense media coverage following his turn as a young ballet dancer in the hit 2000 movie, and he suddenly found himself being invited to countless celebrity-filled awards ceremonies.

He recalls, "I came down with a bump. One day I was at The Oscars and the next day I was in my maths class. It was like, 'And the winner is - go back to school!'

"I was angry and I felt it wasn't fair. 'I shouldn't be going back to school. I've just been at the OSCARS, for Christ's sake. Do you expect me to sit and do two times two?' It was hard."

The young actor suffered a similar conflict of interest on the set of his latest movie, Nicholas Nickleby.

He adds, "I was dying one day as SMIKE and then sitting my English exam the next day. It was really difficult to concentrate on one thing and to keep your mind set on what you're doing."

16/06/2003 13:54