Original AC DC frontman DAVE EVANS was kicked out of the band because he was too popular with female fans. Evans has opened up to website Blasting-Zone.com, exploding myths surrounding his departure from the Thunderstruck hitmakers in 1973. History suggests Young brothers Malcolm and Angus kicked Evans out of the band because he was too much of a glam rocker, but the frontman, who was replaced by Bon Scott, has another tale to tell. He explains, "Some guys get jealous if you're getting too many girls, and the other guys are missing out. I didn't really pay too much attention to it, but is just started getting worse and worse until the end where I was virtually going out without them (bandmates)." But Evans claims things came to a head when he fought with the group's manager over his finances. He adds, "We were worried where all the money was going to. We were doing top gigs... We'd had a top five hit and we were scraping together money. So we were all a bit worried about what was happening. "I'm sure if the manager had explained to us where all the money was going, it would have been OK, but we didn't know what was going on and it came to a head one time. I learned very quickly that you don't go beating up your manager. That was the end of it, really."