A disabled AC DC fan who was involved in a freak accident at the band's gig in Australia last month (Feb10) is suing the owners of the concert venue after he lost the sight in his right eye.
The rockers were playing at the Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre (QSAC) in Brisbane when 32-year-old Terry Watson, who is quadriplegic, was thrown from his wheelchair after his friend accidentally knocked the vehicle's joystick.
Watson - who was watching the concert from a raised section of the arena for disabled gig-goers - fell face-down into the crowd and embedded his eye on a metal pole, which penetrated his brain.
He was admitted to an intensive care unit at the city's Princess Alexandra Hospital and is expected to make a good recovery - but he has permanently lost sight in his eye.
Watson is now planning to take his case to court, telling Australia's South East Advertiser, "As I went off the edge I instinctively put my hands up to cover my face. I remember thinking, ‘S**t, this is going to hurt’.
"All there was was a bit of yellow tape in front of us. No barricades or anything. I’m going to see my solicitor and we’ll go from there.”
A spokesperson for the company which owns the venue, Stadiums Queensland, has refused to comment on the threat of legal action, insisting safety is "always the priority” at their arenas, adding, "The circumstances around this incident are currently under investigation by independent risk assessors engaged by QSAC and Workplace Health and Safety. It is not appropriate to comment further.”