AC DC frontman Brian Johnson has thrown his support behind a U.K. charity supporting dementia patients after the condition forced bandmate Malcolm Young to step down from the group last month (Sep14).

The Highway to Hell hitmakers announced in April (14) that the guitarist would be taking a break from the band to concentrate on his health, and in September (14), they revealed the ailing musician would not be returning to the line up due to a mystery illness.

Young's family subsequently confirmed rumours suggesting the veteran rocker is suffering from dementia and now Johnson has been inspired by his old pal's medical struggles to back Britain's Sporting Memories Network, which aims to promote and develop the use of "sporting memories to improve the well-being of older people and helping tackle dementia, depression and social isolation".

Tony Jameson-Allen, the Sporting Memories Network's director, tells Britain's Northern Echo newspaper, "It's an absolutely amazing boost for a charity run by two people to receive a phone call from the singer of a group that has sold more than 200 million records worldwide."

Johnson has already shown his support for the organisation by sharing his earliest sporting memories on the charity's website and revealing he wears his trademark flat cap in tribute to his coal miner father and his fellow co-workers, who would often save up to see their local soccer team, Newcastle United.

He recalls, "The ones who could afford it, or didn't have any kids, went to see Newcastle. It wasn't until later on when I think I was about 13 that I first went along and stood in the Gallowgate End (of the stadium). But I never saw a bloody thing! I was too small and I didn't have my cracket with me!"