About A Boy star Nicholas Hoult was terrified what his mother would think of his role in controversial British TV drama Skins. Hoult, 17, plays teenager TONY in the sex and drugs-filled series, and worried about his family's reaction at seeing his raunchy scenes with both men and women on the small screen. Speaking to British magazine Attitude, he says, "They showed us the scenes afterwards and said, 'You don't see anything really bad.' "I'm not going to sit around with my whole family watching it, going, 'Here I am, look mum, are you proud of me?'" But Holt admits he was relieved by his mother's positive response to his role. He adds, "I was quite worried what my mum's reception to it might be because she's an older lady, and I just wondered what she thought of it - she really liked it and she was laughing as much as me."