Abbey Clancy tries to avoid following ''trends''.

The 32-year-old model has revealed she's made a conscious decision to avoid chasing fashion fads, insisting she instead focuses on what makes her ''feel good''.

Asked about the best piece of fashion advice she's ever been given, Abbey shared: ''Don't invest in trends, invest in classic pieces, like a good leather jacket or a good blazer.

''I think trends change so quickly, I don't think you should necessarily follow trends, you should wear what you feel good in, what makes you feel confident.''

Despite her glamorous appearance, the British beauty - who has kids Sophia, seven, Liberty, three, and ten-month-old son Johnny with husband Peter Crouch - has admitted to adopting a more ''practical'' approach to fashion over time.

Asked whether she prefers ''glamming up or dressing down'', Abbey told the Belfast Telegraph newspaper: ''It depends. I love to dress up. I'm from Liverpool, it's in our blood to dress up, but now, having the kids and living in the country, I have to be practical.

''Doing the school run and going out for big walks in the countryside, which I love, and taking the kids to the park, I have to adapt my style - some of my Lipsy dresses would not be suitable for the park!''

Abbey also revealed she's kept some of her vintage pieces for her daughter to eventually wear.

She said: ''I've got loads of vintage clothes that I've collected over the years and I have also now started to keep all of my designer pieces or my one-off pieces for Sophia.

''I used to give all my clothes away to my friends or my sister and now I look at Sophia and she's grown so fast - she's only seven.''