Abbey Clancy has been left in agony after having a wisdom tooth pulled out.

The 31-year-old model clutched at her swollen jaw during her appearance on 'This Morning' on Thursday (16.03.17) and pleaded with interviewers Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield not to make her laugh because her mouth was ''killing'' her after her recent dental appointment.

The blonde beauty said: ''You're making me laugh, but I can't laugh because of my wisdom tooth. I'm laughing at you two and my face is killing. I had a tooth out and it's swollen and it's killing. Stop making me laugh!''

When not in pain, the 'Britain's Next Top Model' judge went onto say that her football player husband Peter Crouch is desperate to get their children, daughters Sophia, six, and 21-month-old Liberty, into sports but their eldest child is more like Abbey and prefers to dress up and dance instead of running around in a tracksuit.

Speaking about her kids, the former 'Strictly Come Dancing' star - who won the BBC ballroom competition in 2013 - said: ''I think the baby is going to be a shot-putter. She's just a little monkey, Liberty.

''Sophia - Pete's keen to get her into sport, he's got two girls, we took her to a tennis lesson and she had a nervous breakdown because she had to wear a tracksuit and not a skirt.

''I think Pete thought he could retire and watch her be a world-class tennis player, it's totally not happening. She does what all little girls do, singing, dancing, playing with dolls, listening to pop music.''

Although Abbey has admitted Peter is trying to encourage their kids to be more athletic, Abbey has admitted she is the stricter parent, although she never thought she would be so ''harsh'' on her offspring.

She said: ''I didn't think I'd be as harsh - I'm a mum, I've got two girls. Pete's the push over.''