Abbey Clancy has found it ''harder'' to run her house since becoming a mother to three children.

The 32-year-old model loves being a parent to Sophia, seven, Liberty, three, and six-month-old Johnny - her kids with her Stoke City soccer player husband Peter Crouch - but admits it's been trickier juggling the needs of all her brood than when she just had her two girls.

Speaking to the new issue of Closer magazine, she said: ''That third baby just throws everything off. I'm like, 'Which one do I go to first?'

''With two, I used to put them to bed and get a nice bath - nowadays I've got dolls and kids in with me.''

Thankfully, the couple have Abbey's mum Karen for support and she's moved in temporarily to help out with the kids

Abbey said: ''Thank God for my mum because she's living with us now. It's great as Sophia is seven now so she helps me out a lot too.

''Me and my mum do reformer Pilates together - it just gives me more energy and strength to look after the kids.''

And Abbey admitted she's had her confidence knocked this year as she's struggled with hair loss since she got pregnant for the third time.

She said: ''My hair was falling out throughout my whole pregnancy - and still is now, so it's fallen out loads. Every day I'm like, 'My hair is thinner and thinner, so that's hard and it does knock your confidence.'

''I didn't dye my hair during pregnancy and it went quite dark but, as soon as I had the baby, I wanted to go blonder and feel more like me and get back my confidence.''

The former 'Strictly Come Dancing' champion may be busier than ever with three kids, but she finds it beneficial to enjoy time without her children when she can.

She said: ''I think making an effort and going out with your girlfriends or on a date night is always a good thing to make you feel good.

''What works for me is sleep, loads of moisturiser and loads of water - all of which I haven't done enough of recently.''