Abbey Clancy, the 25-year-old model and television presenter, has banned her husband-to-be Peter Crouch from having a stag do, reports the UK's Daily Mirror. Abbey Clancy has forbidden the Tottenham Hotspurs footballer from celebrating his upcoming wedding with his Premier League friends.
Crouch's relationship with Clancy was rocked last year after he was allegedly caught with a prostitute in Spain while he was away on a friend's stag party. Therefore, the Liverpudlian model has warned the footballer to stay at home while she enjoys a luxury detox weekend at a Cheshire health spa with close friends. A close friend of the model said, "It has taken a lot for Abbey to forgive Peter. She has just about managed to move on. The last time that Peter went on a stag do was the incident in Spain, and obviously that is fresh in Abbey's mind. The thought of him heading out for another stag party with a big group of friends is too much just before their wedding". The couple, who have been engaged since 2009, welcomed their first daughter Sophia Ruby back in March 2011.
Abbey Clancy recently featured in ITV2's 'The Parent Trip' with her mother Karen. She was a regular guest on JAMES CORDON's 'World Cup Live' and also co-hosted the reality television show 'Great British Hairdresser'.