Abigail Breslin says she has no issues with Taylor Swift.

The 'Little Miss Sunshine' actress, who recently appeared to call 24-year-old singer an ''unstable cat lady'' when she posted a variation of the lyrics to Taylor's hit song 'Blank Space' on Twitter, insists she was referring to herself.

The 18-year-old star said: ''What's so crazy, I think that everybody that follows me on Twitter knows that I just got surprised with a kitten, a baby kitten, like a week ago, by my family.''

In a perceived dig, the actress tweeted: ''Cuz darling I'm a nightmare dressed like an emotionally unstable cat lady. (sic)''

While Taylor's original line reads: '''Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream.''

Abigail claims she decided to post the controversial tweet after she saw herself with her pet in the mirror.

She told the HuffPost Live: ''I was walking in my apartment, and I stopped in front of my mirror, and I had my hair in a topknot, and my glasses on, and no makeup on and a bathrobe on, with my cat and like a handful of its food, trying to give it medicine. I was like 'wow my life, I look like an emotionally unstable cat lady.' ''

It's not the first time Abigail has started a feud with another celebrity.

In November, she penned the scathing song 'You Suck' about her ex-boyfriend, 5 Seconds of Summer rocker Michael Clifford, 19.