Director Abel Ferrara thinks movie fans will be surprised by new film 'Welcome to New York'.

The flick has been inspired by the downfall of Dominique Strauss-Khan - the French economist and politician, who was accused of sexually assaulting a hotel employee in 2011 - but Ferrara warned moviegoers not to expect a documentary-like production.

He explained to ShortList magazine: ''In the beginning when we were screening it, I started sensing people were coming thinking it was going to be a documentary on Strauss-Khan. And the film is not a documentary - this is a film made by me and my guys, with Gerard [Depardieu] and Jacqueline [Bisset] in it. And that's a separate entity.''

The filmmaker warned audiences not to bother seeing the movie if they want a documentary-style piece.

He added: ''So it needed Gerard saying, very straight up, 'I'm not playing the guy, because I don't respect the guy.' Ya dig?

''What you're seeing is a performance. You come here to watch the Dominique Strauss-Khan story, you're coming to the wrong f*****g theatre. You'd better leave now.''

The film is strongly disliked by Anne Sinclair, who was Strauss-Khan's wife at the time of the scandal.