Abe Vigoda, the American actor best known for playing 'Sal Tessio' in 'The Godfather', made an appearance at Meredith Vieira's final 'Today' show on Wednesday (8th May 2011). Abe Vigoda joined a 'flash-mob' of people in New York City to bid farewell to the veteran broadcaster, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
Vigoda was spotted dancing with Vieira as hundreds of fans sang the Journey hit 'Don't Stop Believin'. The legendary actor was also wearing an orange 'Meredith Vieira' tribute t-shirt. The performance featured a number of NBC News faces including Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Kathie Lee Gifford, Lester Holt and Ann Curry, who has been confirmed as Vieira's replacement on the news show. American presenter and musician Jimmy Fallon joined the celebrations to play guitar. When the show returned from a commercial break, Vieira joked: "I don't want to go now". The 57-year-old is reportedly keen to spend more time with her family and recently spoke of her desire to travel with her husband Richard. 'Today Show' executive producer Jim Bell spoke about the final farewell, saying, "She really was surprised. Throw in a little Abe Vigoda and a great cameo by Jimmy Fallon and you have some TV magic".
Abe Vigoda is scheduled to begin filming crime-drama movie 'The Driver', with Stelio Savante and David Proval. The movie focuses on family man 'Vinny D'Angelo' who earns a lucrative living from his work with the mafia.