A Somalian film studio which translates Bollywood movies for local audiences has been stormed by armed guards who claim the facility spreads "satanic" material.

Hundreds of video tapes were confiscated in the raid by Somalia's Union Of The Islamic Courts militia on Monday (17OCT05), while expensive film equipment was also destroyed.

Officials behind the operation slammed the studio as "unlawful" for contravening Islamic beliefs which reject movies as an evil influence on society.

Head of the studio, Abdihakim Mohamed Haji, told China's Xinhua news agency, "They threw some of our televisions out the windows of the second floor. Others were just smashed with the butt of their guns."

Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, the chairman of the Union of the Islamic Courts, admits the raid took place.

He says, "What's considered as harmful to the public will be destroyed."