Apple's iPad, which reportedly outsold the original iPhone in its debut over the weekend, may turn out to be a boon for struggling television networks, who have seen much of their ad revenue dry up during the long recession and who are feuding with cable providers over retransmission consent fees. But right now, the networks haven't quite figured out what to do with it. NBC, which has become every comedian's punching bag for its ungainly programming gambits and its pitiful ratings, has decided not to allow any of its programs to be viewed on the iPad, at least for now. (The New York Times reported that NBC apparently made an about-face after already developing an app for the iPad that would deliver episodes of some of its programs on it.) CBS said that it will stream clips from some of its shows as well as full episodes of Survivor free. But anyone wishing to view other CBS shows will either have to rent or buy them via Apple's iTunes store. ABC will deliver an app for the iPad that will stream full-length shows with commercials that can't be skipped. Fox has not disclosed its iPad strategy.