Although the networks touted the results as a great success, Nielsen figures for the month of October indicate that ABC attracted 10.6 million unique visitors to the website where it streams episodes of its shows; NBC, 8.1 million to its site; CBS, 6.1 million; and Fox, 3.4 million. The results seem to indicate that the total number of viewers recorded by each of the networks for an entire month was about what a single network program averages on any given night. Nevertheless, TV Week quoted network executives as saying that the figures for October exceeded their estimates. The trade publication also noted that the networks now run advertisers' spots during online episodes until they deliver the guaranteed number of viewers. After that, they fill the time with promos for other network shows. The result, TV Week observed, is that while "it's next to impossible to buy ads in Desperate Housewives or Heroes on TV, spots in episodes of those shows are available online."