America's favorite news personality does not anchor any of the network evening newscasts. According to a Gallup Poll, she is ABC's Diane Sawyer with "the highest overall net favorable" results. ("Net favorable," the poll explains is the percentage of favorable responses, minus the percentage of unfavorable responses; in Sawyer's case, 88 percent of those polled rated her favorably; 12 percent, unfavorably.) Charles Gibson of ABC and Brian Williams of NBC tied for second, while CBS's Bob Schieffer placed fourth. CNN's Anderson Cooper followed, making him the favorite cable news personality, well ahead of Katie Couric, who ranked No. 11, and Bill O'Reilly, who ranked No. 14. But, as an indication of how the American public regards TV newscasters overall, the poll also found that 27 percent had never heard of Gibson; 29 percent had never heard of Schieffer; 38 percent had never heard of Williams; and 39 percent had never heard of Cooper. By contrast, only 2 percent said that they had never heard of Diane Sawyer. Following the release of the poll, NBC issued a statement saying, "Nielsen Media Research polls our audience every single night and they tell us NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams is the largest single source of news in the country. Period."