American TV network ABC has a whole new singing competition, titled Duets, premiering this Thursday (May 31st) at 8 p.m and one of its performer judges, Robin Thicke, is hoping that the show introduces him to a whole new audience according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The R&B singer recently spoke to reporters, saying; "I've really only had one song that played on the pop charts," referring to his 2006 single 'Lost Without U,' that became the No. 1 most played song in Urban Adult Contemporary and topped four Billboard charts simultaneously.

Whether Thicke is underestimating his popularity or just being modest is yet to be seen, but he's clearly appreciative of the show and his fellow judges. Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson make up the rest of the judging panel and the 35-year-old said whatever competitive bickering we see them engage in onscreen, it still does little to take away from the fun they are actually having on and behind the screen.

The basis of the show is to challenge its four star judges to handpick two contestants from a pool of many, eventually sharing the stage with each of the contestants until only one is left. The winner of the show will not only be show straight into the public eye, but will also receive a recording contract with Hollywood Records for their troubles too.