DVRs were no doubt humming (clicking?) across the nation on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights this week as intense competition among popular series on all four broadcast networks attracted big audiences. At 8 00 p.m. on Tuesday, Fox's American Idol retained its No. 1 ranking as it drew 24.44 million viewers. But CBS's NCIS gave it solid competition as it drew 19.11 million viewers. At 9 00 p.m. CBS's NCIS Los Angeles took over the lead with 16.36 million viewers. But the season premier of ABC's Lost grabbed 12.61 million in the first hour. CBS's winning newcomer The Good Wife led at 10 00 p.m. with 12.72 million, but a second hour of Lost on ABC gave it a run for its money with 11.75 million viewers. NBC aired an entire evening of its only top-20 (sometimes) series, The Biggest Loser. After airing a repeat at 8 00, two original episodes at 9 00 p.m. and 10 00 p.m. attracted decent numbers, averaging 9.42 million viewers. On Wednesday night, the intense competition continued, with CBS's Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials managing to rope in 11.18 million viewers at 8 00 p.m. and Fox's Human Target premiering in the time period with 7.72 million. The 9 00 p.m. hour belonged to Fox and American Idol , which netted 20.83 million viewers. But CBS's Criminal Minds was close behind with 14.78 million.CBS took over first place at 10 00 p.m. with CSI NY scoring 14.16 million viewers.